With the improvement in road infrastructure in the last 10-15 years, it has given immense boost to transportation. The implementation of GST is further estimated to increase the speed of road transportation further, with removal of state check posts. This coupled with the last/first mile connectivity required for all other modes of movement, places the road transportation on the high importance agenda. With the Indian economy on the trajectory of high growth, inland movement by road is bound to play an important role in overall logistics sector. InSynergy recognizes the importance of secure and reliable road movement and thus has tied up with thirdparty- vehicle owners across the country.We contract with the vehicle owners who deploy their vehicles along with the drivers and supervisors to drive and coordinate the movement. InSynergy has ‘ZERO’ tolerance to pilferage and theft, and to that objective verifies all the vehicle owners and drivers and other staff involved. Most of our contacted vehicles today are fitted with the onboard GPS Tracking system and we have access to all those vehicles on the fingertips. Besides securing the cargo with our High Security Bottle Seal, wherever possible, we also track undue delay, stoppage and door open conditions. Though, we do not own any transport vehicle on our name, as we believe that we will not be able to effectively manage the same and fleet management is best left to the efficient fleet managers of the fleet owner, we do control the operative side of the vehicles. Besides, this also gives us imminence flexibility to engage additional vehicles as and when required, particularly in case of a surge in the season.