InSynergy is not just a name or a business entity; it’s a vision to ‘Deliver Beyond Expectation’ and represents the passion of each one of the stakeholders of the company. It’s a commitment that we, as its employees, managers or directors make to our customers, based on the core values of the company. When we say ‘your expectation, our inspiration’, we covey this commitment to our customers who are our biggest most valuable asset. The more they expect from us, the more we are inspired to push the envelope further. It would be rather inaccurate to state that we are able to meet every expectation, of each one of our clients, however the intent is unquestionable. I, as a leader of the pack, am proud of the team that makes it all possible, the team that shares the ethos of the company, the vision and the values which are uncompromised and the ones who cherish the same. The human assets, as we address them in InSynergy are the only differentiating factor. The team which is aligned to the goals and objectives of the company, and share the values of the company, are the ones who build the company and give it, its character. As a custodian of the company ethics and values, I am extremely proud of my team which has relentlessly shown that they are the best and can serve their customers better than most others. Service quality is the key to success in the segment of the trade that we represent. Each incident of service is experienced by the customers in totality, and we have to make each one count. Though rare, service failures are a part of the whole process and it’s these which truly showcase the true commitment of the organization. At InSynergy, we are proud to state that our team is, at its best and most proactive in resolving the issue, should such situation arise. We don’t believe in going ostrich in crisis, we are trained to face the challenges head on, and stand firm till we get the resolution. It is also my firm belief that we are who we are, because of the partners who stand by us and support us in providing services, though we sometimes push them way too much. I am thankful for their patience with us and their tolerance of our over the top kind of behavior. At times we push too hard and take things very personally, some other times we also negotiate too much, however our partners, who put-up with our unreasonable behavior, are the ones who we can count on for service delivery. On behalf of my team, I would also like to express my gratitude towards our seniors in the industry, whose guidance and support, has shown us the way forward. They may be seen as our competitors and they actually are, but besides that they are also wonderful people, who have strived hard to make a name for themselves and their organization in the industry, they have earned respect of their contemporaries in the trade. These, stalwarts of the trade, have not just been a source of inspiration to us, but have also been very generous to share their noble thoughts and ideas with us and guide us without prejudice. From Managing Director’s Desk

Arun Kumar